Marley Coffee Automated Stores has partnered with Automated Retail Income Development in an effort to raise capital to execute Marley Coffee Automated Store’s heavy influx of “5 Star” location contracts. Since its inception, Marley Coffee Automated Stores has had a strict policy to retain full ownership and management of kiosks deemed “5 Star”. This significant label was only designated for approximately 10 locations throughout the US last year.


However, since the RUBI kiosk was disbanded, Marley Coffee Automated Stores has been awarded hundreds of “5 Star” locations. Marley will continue to uphold their policy of operating and managing these kiosks in order to preserve these new lucrative locations. However, Marley Coffee Automated Stores is poised to sell ownership of these machines to individual investors. The income from each of these kiosks will be distributed to investors on a quarterly basis. Once investment funds are secured from the investor, Automated Retail Income Development will purchase the kiosks from AVT Inc. (manufacturer of the kiosks). Once the kiosks are manufactured, Automated Retail Income Development will contract with Marley Coffee Automated Stores to manage each kiosk in the market place. This new model will insure brand management and standards while producing a healthy return to its investors.


The first “5 Star” locations have been placed this month and an average of $90 a day is the standard. This figure over an annual basis will yield over $30,000 per kiosk. Since the cancellation of the RUBI kiosk, Marley Coffee Automated Stores has acquired a lead executive from the RUBI venture. Ron Miceli, has been a player in the automated coffee world for over a decade. His relationships and intelligence is a key ingredient required to insure the success of each kiosk. Automated Retail Income Development has been created to facilitate these new investors and keep funds separate from other kiosk operations. Automated Retail Income Development will work hand and hand with Marley Coffee Automated Stores to make sure each and every kiosk is in perfect working condition at all times. Marley Coffee Automated Stores and Automated Retail Income Development are forecasting that over 1200 kiosks will be placed over the next 12 months. This kiosk has established itself as a leader in the marketplace and the future is bright.

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